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The Organizing Committee of the Vietnamese English Language Immersion (VELI) seeks to bring Vietnamese/English language immersion classes to public schools in the Garden Grove Unified School District. These classes will teach standard subjects in public schools, such as math, science, language arts, history, etc., in both English and Vietnamese languages. According to recent survey, Vietnamese students represent a large percentage in the Garden Grove Unified School District, therefore, it is imperative that we represent the interest of the parents in the education of our students. Besides helping students understand the culture of their families, the language immersion program will also enrich their future. Studies have shown that bilingualism and dual language immersion play a pivotal role in enhancing academic and linguistic competence, promoting the development of skills, and increasing job opportunities.


The VELI Campaign is a community organizing effort to advocate for the establishment of Vietnamese English language immersion programs in public elementary schools. Ban tổ chức VELI là một nỗ lực tổ chức cộng đồng để biện hộ cho việc thành lập chương trình Song Ngữ Việt-Anh trong trường tiểu học công lập.

Bao Nguyen

Bao Nguyen began serving on the Board of Education of the Garden Grove Unified School District in July 2011. He was re-elected to a four year term in November 2012. Trustee Bao Nguyen successfully led GGUSD to adopt and implement the California State Seal of Biliteracy, an award that recognizes high school graduates for their high academic achievement in learning another language in addition to English. Bao was born at a refugee camp in Thailand and arrived to the United States at three months of age. He has a bachelor's in political science from UC Irvine, a master's in religious studies from Naropa University, and a state certification in mediation. Bao Nguyen is trilingual in English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. Bao enjoys running, hiking, yoga and being with nature. He's also learning how to surf.

Vy Hoang

Vy is a public school teacher with credentials in Mathematics, Vietnamese, K-8 Multiple Subjects, and a Masters of Arts in Education. She currently teaches high school math in Los Angeles and sixth grade level Vietnamese at Phan Boi Chau Vietnamese Language and Culture School at St. Boniface Church. Her dedication to VELI stems from her love of the Vietnamese language. Vy feels that there is a crucial need to pass on that language and culture to future generations of young Vietnamese Americans. The future starts now and we must all work together hand in hand to preserve the Vietnamese language and cultures. VELI is important because it strives to create truly bilingual, bi-literate, and bicultural students.

DieuQuyen Nguyen

DieuQuyen is currently a math teacher at Pacifica High School. She has been teaching for a total of nineteen years. She is also the Vice President of External Affairs at The Associate of the Vietnamese Language and Culture Schools of Southern California (TaViet-LCS) and a news anchor for SBTN. DieuQuyen joined the VELI team because she has two children of her own and wishes their had been a program like VELI that they could have been a part of when they were younger. She believes in the importance of passing on the Vietnamese language to the younger generation.

ThuyVy Luyen

Graduated from University of California, Irvine and California State University, Fullerton with majors in Linguistics and Education, ThuyVy worked for State of California in Marketing, Consulting and Business Development for more than fifteen years, chairing numerous professional , cultural and social events. ThuyVy sat on many Boards of Directors, Steering and Advisory Committees for various non-profit organizations, local government agencies and elected officials offices. Some of favorite past times are writing, poetry and philanthrophy works. VELI chính là ngọn đuốc, soi sáng tầm mức cần thiết và quan trọng của sự bảo tồn ngôn ngữ và văn hóa Việt Nam ngay trong các học khu công lập tại hải ngoai. Hơn thế nữa, VELI biểu hiện lòng tha thiết của lớp người trẻ muốn đem văn hóa Việt làm tiếng chuông vang vọng tại xứ người.

Jenny Tran

Jenny has been a vietnamese community liaison with GGUSD for 4 years. She supports VELI simply because it promotes bilingualism at the elementary school level. She strongly believes learning another language or one's own language should start at an early age to maximize the effective level. There are many obvious benefits being bilingualism in this society. She says she has no reason to not supporting this program and can't wait for the day this program will be officially launched!

Van Hoang

Van Hoang earned her B.A. in English from the University of New Mexico, but has never forgotten her Vietnamese heritage. VELI is important to her because she would not have found her passion for writing and love for words without the help of either language.


Julie Diep

Julie Chau Diep, MS-CCC-SLP is a Bilingual Vietnamese Speech-Language Pathologist and a BCBA Candidate. She is the Clinical Director for New Hope Therapy Center and Executive Director for OC Autism. She understands the importance of a dual language Immersion program. Research studies reported advantages in cognitive, social and learning skills that would help children excel in school and in their professional endeavours. As a mother and a professional, she wholeheartedly endorses the Vietnames-English Language Immersion (VELI) program.

Huyen Do

My name is Huyen Do and I am a teacher with a master's degree in education. My emphasis is in dual language development. VELI is important to me because it will ensure that our Vietnamese language and culture will be protected and not be lost for our future generation. I want to be a part of VELI so that I can help our children not only to maintain their Vietnamese heritage but also to reap the many benefits of being bilingual and biliterate.

Khanh Hoang

I'm a web developer and also an online marketer. The reason I want to join VELI and help its cause is because I want to maintain our cultural heritage and language in the United States. As much of an American loving citizen as I am today, my skin color and language spoken to my parents will always be from Vietnamese language and culture. This fact to me will never change. So it is important for me to be active and put forth effort into this enriched cultural society in the Vietnamese community.

Thomas Vu

Thomas possesses an extensive background in design, marketing and web development. An award-winning creative director and photographer, Thomas has worked on a variety of brands such as Heineken, Honda, Doritos, Naked Juice, and many more. Thomas graduated from the California State University, Long Beach with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Visual Communication Design. He joins VELI recognizing the importance and the need to preserve the Vietnamese language and culture for future generations. He puts all his efforts into making VELI a reality. When not working on creatives, Thomas loves to travel abroad and enjoys all the worldly beers.

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